What is the Novel ‘Nerbian’ Trojan?

The Novel Nerbian Trojan, discovered by Proofpoint, is a complex remote access trojan (RAT). The Nerbian Trojan is spreading via malicious email campaigns employing COVID-19 messages and has several capabilities to escape analysis and detection by security experts. What is new about Nerbian RAT? According to a Proofpoint blog post published Wednesday, the new malware […]

NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation

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New York’s Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) is the state’s primary agency overseeing legal compliance for organizations operating within regulated sectors. NYDFS provides supervision and regulation guidelines to New York companies that are in the business of financial services.  The department is responsible for promoting growth within the financial market by standardizing processes for fulfilling […]

5 Unique Challenges for Dental Cybersecurity

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For healthcare organizations, the digitization of recordkeeping and the use of online resources have streamlined practice, making it better suited for patient safety. Dental practices have been no exception. Practices that rely on networks for important day-to-day operations need to be wary of potential threats to their systems. Network and software vulnerabilities make it easy […]

Higher Education Cybersecurity Risks

Universities are at an increased risk for detrimental cyberattacks in 2022. A breach can result in an enormous loss of reputation for a school and costly compliance fines including millions of dollars in remediation costs.  In 2020, ransomware attacks alone hit 1,681 institutions, colleges, and universities in the United States.  Download our Iron Range Cyber […]

1099s and Cyber Risks: Key Considerations

Are your contractors following cybersecurity best practices? If not, your organization may be in danger of cyberattacks and compliance risks.   Download our whitepaper now to get the strategies you need to overcome 1099 cybersecurity risks. 

5 Steps to Better Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Information and network security provide needed defenses against cyberattacks and other malicious activities for businesses operating in the digital space.  Reliance on digital assets requires constant surveillance and maintenance of systems and hardware. IT directors and small business owners who depend on critical infrastructure should take action to protect their important systems from cyberattacks. When […]

Healthcare IT Security Solutions for 2022

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Technological development is increasing at an exponential rate and shows no signs of slowing down. From the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence to the explosion in work-from-home and online communications since the onset of the pandemic, interconnected technology has crept even further into our lives than ever before.  But the convenience of that interconnectivity brings […]

Asset Management Cybersecurity


The IT world has changed dramatically in the last ten to twenty years. The main reason for this is that business requirements are in many ways quite different than before. Technology changes so quickly and it can be challenging for IT and cybersecurity professionals to keep up. As the world evolves, especially during the global […]

The Best Incident Response Strategies for Universities in 2022

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The Best Incident Response Strategies for Universities in 2022 Educational institutions, especially colleges and universities with thousands of students, handle massive amounts of sensitive data, including student bio, protected health information, and financial documents. In addition, university websites and web applications facilitate huge financial transactions daily. The push towards remote working (and learning) in the […]

7 Cybersecurity Bad Habits You Must Avoid In 2022

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The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the ecosystem and the workflow of the IT industry. With people transitioning to working from home, there has been an uptick in overall online activity, and consequently, cyber security threats. Cybercrimes have risen 600% during the pandemic due to increased opportunities and attack vectors for threat actors. Companies are […]