What Is Multifactor Authentication And Why Is It Important?

Throughout the years, we’ve enjoyed the use of technology in our daily lives from ordering food from an app to keeping up with friends and family via social media. Technology has made a lot of things easier and very convenient for all of us. However, along with our accounts, we store personal, financial, and other […]

7 Cybersecurity Bad Habits You Must Avoid In 2022

Computer security technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the ecosystem and the workflow of the IT industry. With people transitioning to working from home, there has been an uptick in overall online activity, and consequently, cyber security threats. Cybercrimes have risen 600% during the pandemic due to increased opportunities and attack vectors for threat actors. Companies are […]

T-Mobile Data Breach: What You Need to Know

Business man using a cellphone (focus on cellphone)

On August 16, 2021, wireless carrier T-Mobile confirmed a data breach affecting nearly 50 million of its past, present and potential customers. The number could rise as more information comes to light. It’s not the first time the carrier has been breached in recent years. However, this is the largest. Who is T-Mobile? T-Mobile is […]