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Iron Range Cyber is your partner in HIPAA Compliance. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to handle your HIPAA compliance questions. 

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Iron Range Cyber HIPAA Risk Assessment

If you are looking for a fully managed HIPAA compliance solution look no further. We will take you from initial assessment to audit, and continue to help you manage your cybersecurity program and HIPAA compliance on an ongoing basis.

We provide continuous support to all HIPAA compliance customers, even during their audit. We are happy to interact directly with your auditor and answer any outstanding questions they have regarding your cybersecurity program.

Throughout the review, gap assessment, implementation, and documentation process we keep you updated in real-time. Our world-class experts make sure that you know where your security is at and where it’s going every step of the way.

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  • Full Scope HIPAA Security Review

    We begin each engagement by performing the Iron Range Cyber Full-Scope Review. This allows us to identify all of your current IT assets, current security tools, types of information being stored, and processes around security. At the conclusion of this review we will be able to present you with a gap assessment showing where you are, and where you need to be headed and a roadmap on how we intend to take you there.

  • Implement Security Controls

    During the implementation phase, we work closely with your IT team to execute the roadmap presented at the end of the full-scope review. We will work with you to update or add any technology required, as well as to develop a full-suite of policies, processes, and procedures. At the end of the implementation phase you will be left with a fully functional, and compliant cybersecurity program.

  • Final HIPAA Security Review

    During the final phase we review your new cybersecurity program to ensure that it is compliant with the HIPAA Security rule. We will cover new processes, technologies, and data policies to ensure that you are ready in the event of a HIPAA audit. Even after our program is complete we will always be available to assist in the event of a security incident or other concerns.

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Our team of experienced security engineers and CISOs takes the complexity out of cybersecurity compliance. We work with companies across a range of industries to meet cybersecurity compliance requirements and improve companies’ cybersecurity programs.

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