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    Iron Range Cyber is a proud provider of cybersecurity services for law firms across the nation. 

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Our team has a combined 50+ years of experience working in information technology and security for law firms. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to handle your cybersecurity questions. 

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Cybersecurity Protection for Law Offices

Law firms have unique cybersecurity and regulatory challenges. Many Law Firms lack fully competent cybersecurity programs to mitigate risk and safeguard their data. Malicious actors often target law Firms because their networks can contain a treasure trove of privileged client information.

Law Firms can contain terabytes worth of confidential information, including trade secrets, intellectual property, and attorney-client personal information. While it is reasonable to assume that a global business can afford a comprehensive cybersecurity plan, many law firms struggle to build an effective cybersecurity posture.

BYOD policies and the advent of remote work with the Covid-19 pandemic have only increased these security issues. If your legal team is using their own devices to store and transmit sensitive data, that poses a genuine cybersecurity risk in the event of a breach. It takes one clever phishing email to expose your law firm’s sensitive information to hackers.

All of our programs come with:

Cyber attacks, ransomware attacks, and data breaches concerning law firms are not new, but the pace of occurrence and year-over-year rise is astounding. According to the American Bar Association, up to 42% of law firms with less than 100 workers have had a data breach. Security laws have evolved over the years. In recent years, many new cybersecurity laws have been passed; such as the CCPA or the California Consumer Privacy Act and GDPR, the general data protection regulation passed for EU data protection. Cyber threats in 2022 are no longer a matter of locked social media accounts but are now examples of national security concerns and international law.

How it Works

  • The Risk

    As more and more of our everyday lives and essential business functions are performed online, the threat landscape for law firms, and companies in general, has grown exponentially. Law firms are exposed to enormous risk if successfully breached. A breach can result in a massive loss of reputation for a Law Firm and costly compliance issues, and millions of dollars in remediation costs.

  • The Plan

    Our team has extensive experience in building highly effective cybersecurity programs for Law Firms. Our staff has helped dozens of law firms meet compliance requirements, build cybersecurity programs, and comply with numerous regulations placed on Law Firms today. We begin each engagement by conducting a full risk assessment for the firm. This enables us to accurately gauge your risk and understand your current cybersecurity technology and processes.

  • The Solution

    We begin the process of building a cybersecurity program designed to comply with existing regulations and effectively mitigate risk. We focus on identifying your existing cybersecurity assets, which enable us to create a program around what you already have – so you aren’t wasting time, money, or using additional resources. We focus on measurable risk reduction rather than reselling services & technologies. Best of breed technology stack designed to simplify cybersecurity programs for colleges and universities We focus on measurable risk reduction rather than reselling services & technologies. Best of breed technology stack designed to simplify cybersecurity programs for colleges and universities

Cybersecurity Protection for Law Firms

Malicious actors have often turned their attention to target legal firms in recent years. The American Bar Association (ABA)  requires law firms to make “reasonable efforts to prevent the inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, information relating to the representation of a client.” Lawyers must take immediate action to secure their client data, respond when a breach is suspected or found, and notify any clients who may have been harmed by the breach. 

Iron Range Cyber works with Law Firms around the country to provide best-in-class data protection and protection from hackers seeking to exploit the valuable client information law firms possess. Cybercrime is on the rise, and your law firm needs protection from professionals.

We can help protect your firm from common cybersecurity threats, including:

  • Phishing Attacks 
  • Security Breaches 
  • Cloud Computing
  • Crisis management
  • Compliance Program Management 
  • Incident Response Plans
  • Information Security 
  • Risk Management Programs
  • Data Privacy 
  • State and Local Privacy Laws

We can help protect your firm from common cybersecurity threats, including:

We have worked with law firms based in DC, New York, California, and others to mitigate vulnerabilities and prevent cyber criminals from infiltrating and exploiting your firm’s data

As cyber-attacks grow more common throughout the world, law firms must invest in more robust cyber security measures to protect their own business and their sensitive client data, including anything from healthcare information to credit card numbers and financial information. Law firms must recognize that they are a prominent target for hackers and cybercriminals and take the necessary steps to safeguard their clients and themselves.

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Cyber assaults on law offices are on the rise worldwide, as are attacks on corporations and governments. Hackers are looking for sensitive information, such as trade secrets, knowledge about forthcoming mergers, or access to financial accounts and their assets. Contact one of our experts today to get started.

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Our team of experienced security engineers and CISOs takes the complexity out of cybersecurity compliance. We work with companies across a range of industries to meet cybersecurity compliance requirements and improve companies’ cybersecurity programs.

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